Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Car Experts In The UAE Shared Some Reasons For Buying A Pre-Owned Jaguar

By Lewis Numan - Content Info Resource from www.altayermotors.com

One word that can sum up the Jaguar, both the English car and the big cat, is "lithe" since they are agile yet graceful. So if you are considering of buying a Jaguar, UAE car experts have shared some reasons for choosing a pre-owned model.

The manufacturer of this car guarantees potential buyers that every approved car is at par with new vehicles rolling out of the dealership with its Jaguar Approved Promise. Be aware that every approved car goes through a stringent process of rejuvenation and authentication. After the vehicle is rolling out of the retailer, you will be receiving it in an excellent condition and with a great peace of mind.

Why Choose Jaguar

Jaguar came up with an inspection checklist covering 165 points that all of its technicians follow. This makes sure that the electrical and mechanical systems of each Jaguar Approved pre-owned vehicles have been subjected to very strict evaluation. Moreover, their technicians will inspect the paintwork as well as the interiors of the car. Then, the engine will be prepared before being taken for a test drive and a final inspection.

Technicians will likewise evaluate how the vehicle performs during the road test. These will include braking, suspension, transmission systems and the engine.

Make sure to buy a car that has not been stolen or written off. Jaguar ensures that all the vehicles they offer are legit and safe since all of their offerings come with a Certified Ownership History and Verified Mileage.

Most importantly, the car you buy from an authorized Jaguar retailer will come with a Jaguar Approved warranty that is often exclusively give to cars with mileage below 195,000 km and below five years old at the time of purchase. This warranty is actually similar to the warranty of a new car, covering repairs for sudden electrical or mechanical failure and ensuring that only genuine parts are used. Most importantly, the manufacturer won't have limits on the number of claims that can be made under this warranty but only up to the price of the car when you purchased it. This warranty also covers your car for a minimum of 2 years.

An assistance program providing roadside assistance for motoring emergencies like accidents, breakdowns and minor emergencies are also being offered by Jaguar. In other words, all Jaguar Approved cars will be covered by the Roadside Assistance Package within the warranty period 24/7.

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