Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Different Winning Qualities Of The Q50 Hybrid

About The Q50 Hybrid
The Q50 Hybrid has proved to be a cut over the rest as it was named as 2014 Car of the Year by Sports Auto Magazine. It delivered flawless performance which is was considered the best among all the categories. Its ability to outclass the competition clearly suggests that it satisfied the requirements of the market. 

Why Choose The Q50 Hybrid

Style-wise – It certainly proves that hybrid vehicles can also look very elegant and shiny. Plenty of hybrid cars still have that “fruity” appeal to them. Thus, when people found out that the Q60 is a hybrid, many of them cannot believe that such a vehicle which was designed primarily to be very economical can look sophisticated and luxurious.

Performance-wise – The best thing about this hybrid is that you need not to choose between exhilaration and efficiency. This vehicle can achieve 7.38L/100km and it can deliver an increasing combined output of 350 HP and 536 Nm of torque with ease. Indeed, this is no toy car. If you must be assertive on the road, you won’t have any issue doing so with such amazing car as it can easily adjust to any driving style. It is also worth mentioning that it is unusually quiet even if it has 2 engines – this is certainly engineering at its finest. Nothing will actually sound better than quietness of seamless engineering – obviously, this is what the Q50 Hybrid offers.

Durability-wise – This car will offer you years of awesome service. This is certainly a quality which a typical buyer wants due to the fact that cars are costly. The whole body is sturdy and different driving tests have showed that this auto is very intact, regardless of how challenging the terrain or road might be. Durability is assured because it is built with only the best quality materials – it surely won’t wear out easily.

Ease of maintenance – Owners need not to worry about spending a lot for its maintenance. Be aware that the gas engines of this hybrid will not run if you are driving slowly or perhaps coming to a halt – this further means that it will not wear much. Also, oil changes won’t be required for a long time. Furthermore, its brakes are sure to last longer since hybrids have the ability to generate electricity with a regenerative brake instead of standard brakes application. Without using the conventional brakes often, you can still drive around; thus, they will less likely to wear down quickly.

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