Sunday, March 26, 2017

Capabilities Of Military Wheeled Vehicles

By Mark Lourene – Content Info Resource from NIMR Automotive

Military wheeled vehicles are certainly not your ordinary automobiles – they are automobiles with special powers. Considering the role they perform, they need to offer something high-tech and powerful.

Standard Inclusions

  • Power Management System
  • Run Flat Tyres
  • Winch
  • Central Tyre Inflation System

Aside from these standard inclusions, you may also choose to include other features like battery monitoring, a winterisation kit, ride height adjustment, and fire suppression system.

Things To Expect From A Wheeled Military Vehicle

  1. Mobility – All wheeled military vehicles must be highly mobile so they can successfully perform missions with the best possible results. It should perform well on various terrain types. In any kind of mission, agility is the key; hence, high mobility is a must.
  2. Crew Survivability – This is always a priority. Oftentimes, this is all about the usual crew citadel protection system, which is primarily designed to protect not only the vehicle but its passengers as well against ballistic, mine, IED and other threats.
  3. Versatility – This is very important so the vehicle can support different missions. It must accommodate a motorized infantry section that is enabled and supported with a manned weapon system. To guarantee sufficient defence capability, firepower must be taken into account.
  4. Cost – Due to the fact that armed forces have budgets, operations must be performed efficiently and in a financially prudent way. An excellent military vehicle offers cost-efficient solutions when it comes to performing utility, patrol, reconnaissance and other specialist roles.

Other Fundamental Features To Look For

Situational Awareness – With this excellent technology, it will be hard to catch your crew off guard. It is capable to perceiving the environmental elements and events in relation to time and space. Apart from that, it can recognize what their presence implies.

Proven Survivability – All wheeled military vehicles must have been tried and tested in natural environment as well as in testing facilities to give enough confidence to the crew that chooses to use it.

Extreme Compactness – It must be contained in its efficiency so that it can freely move. This will also make it nimble and light on the field.

Future Technology Insertions – Wheeled military vehicles are expected to be open to innovative additions in the coming years, most especially those that focus on improving transportability, mobility, operational effectiveness, cost-efficiency, and survivability.

Modularity – There may be parts and systems that can be separated and recombined in order to come up with the best fitting combination for a certain mission.

With all of these features that a wheeled military vehicle can offer, there is no doubt that this is not your ordinary ride.